Thursday, February 25, 2010

Battle of the Blinkies- week 2

For the week 2 challenge at Ivy Scraps we had to make a blinkie that would make people want ot come and join the Ivy Scraps family and vote for our here is my week 2 challenge blinkie

By the Way, I had to make a minikit so that I could sorta match the forum
Don't forget to vote for me this week. Voting is from Friday, Feb.26th to March 1st...Golly, it is March already!!!

Week 1 Battle of the Blinkies Contest Results

Woohoo! guess who won! I did! how exciting! So my blinkie is the official blinkie of the Battle of the Blinkies.

Everyone at Ivy Scraps is so nice! They have lots of awesome stuff going on. there is also the Ivy Trail where someone picks a color palette and everyone makes freebies using the palette...VERY COOL!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Battle of the Blinkies at Ivy Scraps

Hey everyone! just found out about this cool contest at Ivy Scraps, so I being the blinkie fanatic had to join.
Here is my entry for round one.

We had to design a blinkie for the battle of the blinkie contest. The winning blinkie will be the official blinkie for the contest. All participants will have to wear the blinkie on their Exciting.....can't wait till next week...
So if you all could go join up at Ivy Scraps and vote for my blinkie..the voting starts on friday and ends monday.